Self-Serve Learning with AI for Children.

Improve critical thinking and soft skills for your children without worrying about judgment, slow progress and social anxiety

60+ Languages
Instant Feedback

Practice What You Learnt In School

Subjects included from 30+ countries in 60+ languages

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Built for Children, by Parents

Parents can assign any book, subject or topic to kids and check their performance progress.

Who can use this?

A fun and stress-free way for kids to work on essential soft skills.

Public / Private Schools

Parents & Teachers

Children & Teens

Home Schools

Charter Schools

Online / Virtual Schools

Inspired by Feynman Technique

Help your kids truly learn rather than prepping for exams and forgetting

1. Choose a concept you want to learn about
2. Teach it to yourself or someone else
4. Simplify your explanations and test yourself again
3. Reflect, Refine, and Return to the source material if you get stuck

What We Offer

Preparing Children to engage with the world more confidently, starting now.

Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
Answer questions for any topic or subject in any grade and our AI will respond with relevant followup questions keeping the conversation going. Our algorithms encourage you to practice critical thinking.
Support Multiple Languages
Support Multiple Languages
Practice conversing with AI in any foreign language you are learning in school and significantly improve your skill in that language (Spanish, French, Arabic, Cantonese, Italian, Hindi).
Monitor Progress
Monitor Progress
Watch yourself improve with our detailed analytics reports and know exactly which areas of improvement you need to work on to get better in critical thinking & soft skills.
Instant Feedback
Instant Feedback
You will get instant reports of grammar mistakes, filler words and voice analysis. Your responses will be matched with expected answers for any subject in any grade.
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To meet the future head-on, what skills do the children need?

By having a conversation with AI, Children develop real-time critical thinking and articulation skills. AI has the capability to help improve thinking on the spot and creativity.

What Our Early Adopters Say

With Consistent Practice and Instant Feedback, Get Better at Learning

With Consistent Practice & Instant Feedback, Kids Get Better at Learning

Learning is a skill that stays with us through any stage of life, school, college or career. Be the best you can be at learning and you can conquer any challenge.

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